Gladiola Bulbs

Only the best, Number 1 bulbs for us, and in the most requested colors. Plant these bulbs in the spring and you will have beautiful flowers by mid-summer! These can get tall, so it is best to plant them near a fence or building, so they have some support during windy weather. These are tender bulbs, and will need to be dug up and stored during the cold, winter months.

We ship gladiola bulbs from March 1 through June 1, or until sold out

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Gladiola, Bananarama

Bright Yellow

Gladiola, Black Sea

Deep red, edged in very dark red

Gladiola, Blue Sky

Violet blue flowers

Gladiola, Green Star

True Green CROP FAILURE FOR 2017

Gladiola, Olympic Flame

Bright Orange with a touch of yellow at the throat

Gladiola, Oscar

Scarlet Red

Gladiola, Plum Tart

Violet Purple

Gladiola, Vista

Tri color, Dark burgundy throat, surrounded by white, and lavender.