Pole Beans

Pole beans are vigorous climbers, so make sure they have a trellis, arbor, fence or some support on which to climb. But having the ripe beans at a height where you do not need to bend down to pick them, is worth the trouble of setting up the support system.

Approximately 1,200 seeds per lb. 3/4 lb. is needed for a 100 foot row, 40 lb. per acre.

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Pole Bean, Kentucky Wonder

Heirloom variety. The original pole bean. Long, green pods with a distinctive flavor.

Pole Bean, McCaslan

Flat, medium green bean used for "Snei Bonnen".

Pole Beans, Kentucky Blue

The flavor of a KY Wonder bean, sweetened by its Blue Lake parent.

Pole Beans, Kentucky Wonder Wax

Yellow pods with light chocolate brown colored seeds. Vigorous.