Annual Flowers will brighten up any garden space as well as attract beneficial bees and butterflies to your garden. Since Annuals only last one year, you can change them around for a new look every year. The best part about annuals, is that a lot of them flower all summer long.   

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Aster, Crego Mix

Upright stems with fluffy, double blooms. Wilt resistant. Great for cut flowers

Bachelor Button, Polka Dot

Dwarf plants produce double flowers. Prefers cool weather. Edible!

Calendula, Pacific Beauty

Bright, double flowers on compact plants. Good for beds, borders and containers.

Castor Bean (Ricinis)

Quick growing ornamental plant with large foliage. Plant and seeds are poisonous.

Corn Poppy, Red

Bright red flower with black center on tall, hairy stems. Foliage is inconspicuous, allowing exposure of the large flower.

Cosmos, Bright Lights

Bright, cheerful flowers will readily re-seed themselves. Good cut flower.

Cosmos, Sensation

Daisy-like blooms sit high above the fern-like foliage. Readily self-seeds. Tolerates poor soil.

Four O'Clocks, Marvel of Peru

Bushy plants with trumpet-shaped flowers that open in mid-afternoon. Tolerates poor soil.

Marigold, Crackerjack

Strong, bushy, 24" plants with large, double flowers. Easy to grow.

Marigold, Sparky

Double, French-type marigolds in reds, yellows and orange. Excellent for borders.