Annual Flowers will brighten up any garden space as well as attract beneficial bees and butterflies to your garden. Since Annuals only last one year, you can change them around for a new look every year. The best part about annuals, is that a lot of them flower all summer long.   

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Trumpet-shaped flowers are closed during the day and open at sunset in less than one minute.

Morning Glory, Choice Mixture

Trumpet-shaped flowers that can form a mass of color when in bloom. Vigorous climber.

Morning Glory, Heavenly Blue

Blue, trumpet-shaped flowers on a vigorous vine. Perfect for trellis or arbors. Flowers open with the sun.

Morning Glory, Scarlet O' Hara

Vigorous climber with bright green foliage and red, trumpet-shaped flowers.

Nasturtium, Dwarf Jewel

Easy to grow flower with trumpet-shaped flowers in jewel colors. Great for borders and containers. Edible!

Painted Daisy, Tri-Color

Daisy-like flower with multicolored rings around the center. Striking! Makes good cut flower.

Scarlet Runner Beans

Vigorous, climbing bean plant with bright scarlet flowers. Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.

Spurred Snapdragon, Northern Lights

Spikes lined with florets in a rainbow of colors on strong stems. Good in wildflower mixes. Attracts bees, birds and butterflies.

Strawflower, Tall Mixed

Papery, pom-pom like flowers that are excellent for fresh or dried arrangements. Heat tolerant.

Sweet Pea, Royal Mixture

Heat resistant vines, with 5 to 6 fragrant blooms per stem. Picking prolongs bloom time.