Edible Pod Peas

Kissing cousins to the garden pea, snow and snap peas thrive in cooler soils and produce oodles of eat-the-whole-thing, edible pods. Snow peas produce flat pods that you can munch either raw (try them in a sandwich) or cooked in hundreds of dishes--even grilled on the barbecue. Snap peas are a little more versatile--eaten as young flat pods, or, if you let them blimp out a few more weeks, you can eat them whole or as shelled peas. The trick is to pick snow and snap peas every few days to enjoy them at their best. If you wait too long, the pods become tough.

Approximately 2,000 seeds per lb. 1 lb. is needed for a 100 foot row, 100 lb. per acre.

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Snack Hero Snap Pea

Very sweet, stringless 4" pods

Snap Peas, Sugar Ann

AAS Winner. 3" edible pod with excellent flavor.

Snap Peas, Sugar Daddy

Dark green, edible pods are stringless. Easy to pick.

Snap Peas, Sugar Snap

Light green, meaty, edible pods. Plant needs support.