Forages include a wide range of annuals, biennials and perennials that are used to reduce soil erosion, increase soil structure and organic matter and enhance agricultural profitability. Used separately or in combinations, these are the backbone of any pasture. 

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Alfalfa, Northern Hardy

Extremely winter hardy. Slow to break dormancy in spring


Large, broad leaves with branched stems. White flowers attract bees. Excellent for building soil.

Chicory, Trigger

Highly digestible. Rapid recovery after grazing, excellent forage quality

Cover Crop Wheat

Quick germinating, cold tolerant and has an extensive fibrous root system. Easier to manage in the spring than a lot of other cover crops.

Crown Vetch

Very low maintenance once established. Excellent for erosion control.

Field Corn

Enjoyed by deer and birds. For best results, harvest at 15% to 18% moisture.

Field Peas, Stockade

Helps improve soils. When planted with grain, this quickly becomes a favorite with deer.

Field Peas, Vail Winter

Excellent for fixing nitrogen. Very palatable with good winter hardiness.

Forage Radish, Scav-N-Ger

Very palatable. Captures and recycles soil nutrients. Large root helps break up compacted soil.

Grain Rye

Grows rapidly from seed in temperatures as low as 40 degrees