Gourds are an annual herb plant that has vigorous growing vines. The fruits have hard, durable shells that can be dried and used for ornamental use or for making utensils, such as dippers. In the case of Turk's Turban, they can even be eaten!

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Gourds, Big Apple

Apple shaped gourds with a mottled green skin color.

Gourds, Birdhouse

Light green gourds with rounded necks and bowls. The perfect shape for a birdhouse.

Gourds, Large Fruited Mixture

Variety of the most popular large gourds.

Gourds, Speckled Swan

The long neck curves gracefully and enlarges to resemble a swan.

Gourds, Turks Turban

Colorful stripes extend from blossom end to stem end. Prominent turban shape.