Grasses produce a fast growing pasture that is highly palatable. Some of the faster establishing species are also used to prevent soil erosion.  

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Brome Grass

Forms a deep rooted sod that is drought tolerant. Winter hardy.

Egyptian Wheat

Tall, annual used for wildlife cover and game birds

Italian Ryegrass, Tetraploid

Well suited for pasture renovation. Drought and heat tolerant.

Orchardgrass, Potomac

Bunch-type, tall growing grass. Shade and drought tolerant.

Perennial Ryegrass, Tetraploid

High quality forage that is very palatable and digestible. Tolerates intense grazing.

Reed Canary Grass

Winter hardy with excellent wet tolerance. Moderate palatability.

Spring Green Festulolium

Hybrid cross between ryegrass and fescue. High yields and quality. Very palatable.


Creates a dense cover for wildlife. Stiff stems stand upright during the winter.

Tall Fescue, Fawn

Endophyte-free, bunch-type grass. Drought, heat and wear tolerant.

Timothy, Climax

Winter hardy. Good companion for legumes. Palatable.