Herbs today are promarily thought of as flavor enhancers and garnishes for our food. But before their culinary use became known, herbs were used primarily for medicinal purposes. Until the plagues during the Middle Ages all medicine were herbal. After that a lot of heavy metals were added to their pharmacy. But Herbs haven't lost their "medicinal" status. Today over 7000 compounds used in modern medicine are devrived from plants. 

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Basil, Italian

Broad, oval, crinkly leaves with the true fragrance and taste of basil.

Basil, Lemon

Small, pointed leaves with distinct lemon flavor.


Gray, green leaves. Used in herbal teas and cat toys


Fine, grass-like foliage with mild onion flavor.

Cilantro, Long Standing

Finely cut foliage with white flowers. Also known as Chinese or Mexican parsley.

Dill, Bouquet

Vigorous plants with very aromatic stems, foliage and heads.

Fennel, Florence

Feathery green herb with licorice flavor

Lavender, Vera

Bushy plant with gray-green leaves and lavender blue flowers.

Marjoram, Sweet

Leaves have a sweet, mild, oregano-like flavor.

Oregano, Italian

Dark green leaves with purple flowers. Highly aromatic.