Mustard gets its name from a Latin word meaning "Burning Wine", in reference to the spicy heat of the crushed mustard seeds. A native of India, mustard was first used for medicinal purposes. We now value its tender green leaves when harvested at 24" tall. If you let the plant reach its mature height of 5' tall, the leaves will have passed their prime, but you will have an abundance of spicy seeds. 

Approximately 288,000 seeds per lb. 1/4 oz. is needed for a 100 foot row, 3 lb. per acre.

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Mustard, Florida Broadleaf

Large, erect plant with round, green leaves.

Mustard, Southern Giant Curled

Heavily curled, bright green leaves.

Mustard, Tendergreen

Thick, dark green, oblong leaves. Called "mustard spinach".