Onion Seed

Growing onions from seed takes patience, but you are rewarded by a harvest of these tasty globes. White onions are thought to be the mildest in flavor and red onions can have the most "bite" to them. But yellow onions make up 75% of all the onions produced in the U.S. Note: Long day onions refer to the amount of daylight hours available in a 24 period of time, not to the total number of days. 

Approximately 120,000 seeds per lb. 1 oz. is needed for a 100 foot row, 4 lb. per acre.

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Onion, White Lisbon Bunching

Tall, upright plants with white skin and dark green tops.

Onion, White Sweet Spanish

Large flattened, globe, with white skin and flesh

Onion, Yellow Sweet Spanish

Large, full globe with yellowish-brown skin. Sweet, mild flavor.