Onion Sets

Onion sets are versitlie. Plant them deep and close together and you can harvest them for the green table onions. Plant them deeper and further apart, and you have good sized onions that will store well. You don't need to memorize this, we send planting instructions with your order.

1 lb. is needed for a 100 foot row, 192 lb. per acre.

Onion Sets are available from March 1 through May 31.

Due to state rules and regulations we are unable to ship onion sets and shallots to the State of Idaho

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Onion Sets, Karmen Red

Zesty flavor, globe shaped red onion with good red color throughout

Onion Sets, Sturon Yellow

Completely round, brownish-yellow bulbs with excellent flavor.

Onion Sets, Super Sweet

Yellow sweet onions that develop into the large, characteristically thick, flattened shaped onion.

Onion Sets, White Globe

Medium sized, globe with white skin and flesh. Mild flavor