Pumpkins are native to the Americas, and enjoyed widespread use after the pilgrims came to North America. A typical pumpkin is 92% water. Pumpkins come in many sizes, from the tiny 3 oz. ones to the giant 2000+ lb. monsters. Did you know that 90% of all processed pumpkins are grown in the state of Illinois?

The world record holder for the heaviest pumpkin was grown by Mathias Willemijins of Belgium. It weighed in at a whopping 1190.5 kg or 2623 lb. !!!

The North America record holder is Richard Wallace from Rhode Island. His pumpkin weighed in at 2261.5 lb. 

Approximately 3,200 seeds per lb. 1/2 oz. is needed for a 100 foot row, 4 lb. per acre.

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Pumpkin, Atlantic Giant

Large, light red-orange pumpkin, World's Record Holder of 2032 lb. is this variety.

Pumpkin, Baby Boo

Small, flattened fruits. White rind and flesh.

Pumpkin, Big Max

Large, round shape, 50 to 100 lb. Orange with pink background.

Pumpkin, Camaro PMR

20 lb. Orange rind with slight ribs. Powdery Mildew Resistant.

Pumpkin, Casper

Medium sized white pumpkin great for decoration and eating

Pumpkin, Cinderella

Heirloom variety. Vivid, red-orange colored fruits resemble Cinderella's carriage.

Pumpkin, Connecticut Field

Heirloom variety. Deep orange color pumpkin. 15 to 25 lb. each. Standard field pumpkin.

Pumpkin, Corvette PMR

12 to 15 lb. Dark orange, slight ribs. Powdery Mildew Resistant.


Large, 30 lb. dark orange pumpkins

Pumpkin, Early Sugar or Pie

Heirloom variety. 5 to 8 lb. pumpkin grown for its sweet, thick, bright orange flesh.