Due to their short growing period, you can make several plantings of radishes every summer. You may notice that the hotter the weather, the hotter the radish will be. The all red radishes tend to be milder in flavor than the ones that have a white tip. So the all red Cherry Belle radish has a generaly milder flavor than the Sparkler radish; except during the hot summer months. Then they may all pack a "punch."

Approximately 34,000 seeds per lb. 1 oz. is needed for a 100 foot row, 15 lb. per acre. 

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Radish, Cherry Belle

Bright, cherry red outside, crisp, white flesh inside.

Radish, Crimson Giant

Heirloom variety. Bright red radish that can grow to 2" in diameter.

Radish, Early Scarlet Globe

Heirloom variety. Bright scarlet color with mild flavor.

Radish, French Breakfast

Heirloom variety. Oblong, scarlet root with a white tip.

Radish, Sparkler

Top half is carmine red, bottom is white. Tangy flavor.

Radish, White Icicle

Heirloom variety. Pure white, long, tapered root. Mild flavor.