Shell Peas

While working in the Arctic towards the end of the WWI, Clarence Birdseye observed the effects of freezing foods. He lived on fish and game frozen rapidly in the Arctic cold and saw that the thawed food was fresh-tasting and tender. He started to freeze the vegetable supplies, brought by ship, by plunging them into barrels of ice cold water. His discovery changed the history of the food industry. In 1930, Birdseye started a company which soon become an internationally recognized brand by freezing peas.

Approximately 2,000 seeds per lb. 1 lb. is needed for a 100 foot row, 100 lb. per acre.

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Shell Pea, Little Marvel

Heirloom variety. Dark green pods with 6 to 8 peas. Wilt resistant.

Shell Peas, Early Alaska

Heirloom variety. Smooth seed pea with blunt ends. 5 to 7 peas per pod.

Shell Peas, Green Arrow

Pointed pods with 9 to 12 peas per pod. Wrinkled seed.

Shell Peas, Progress #9

Apple green pods with 6 to 8 peas.