Sunflowers are one of the few plants that have the ability for their heads to actually turn and "follow the path of the sun" during the day. The tallest sunflower ever grown reached a height of 7 meters (24 feet)! Sunflowers have been used for their oil for centuries. But no part of the sunflwoer went to waste; the sunflower stems were used to fill life jackets. 

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Mexican Sunflower, Tithonia

Daisy-like flowers in bright orange attract butterflies. Long bloom time. Loves hot, dry locations.

Sunflower, Autumn Beauty

One plant can have up to 2 dozen, multi-colored blooms at one time. Excellent cut flower.

Sunflower, Black Oil

Large-leaved plant that produces multiple blooms. Good cut flower.

Sunflower, Dwarf Sunspot

Small sized sunflower that is great for containers or small gardens. Drought and heat tolerant.

Sunflower, Large Gray Stripe

Tall sunflower grown for the masses of edible seeds it produces.

Sunflower, Lemon Queen

Free-flowing, multiple branched and flowered plants with small seeds. Ideal cut flowers.

Sunflower, Teddy Bear

Fluffy, double flower that works well as a cut flower or as a border around taller sunflowers. A favorite with children.

Sunflower, Velvet Queen

Well branched, multiple flowered plants with strong stems. Dark red blooms make good cut flowers.