Tomatoes are native to South America, and although Thomas Jefferson is credited with introducing them to the U.S., they were not widely cultivated here until after the 1830s. There are two types of tomato plants. The Indeterminate plant have fruits that ripen at staggered times throughout the growing season. These tomato plants continue to grow all season, so this variety should be staked. The Determinate tomato has its tomatoes all ripen within a 3 to 4 week time span. These plants do not continue to grow and are well suited for containers or small spaces. 

Approximately 160,000 seeds per lb. 1/8 oz. is needed for a 100 foot row, 2 lb. per acre. 

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Big Beef

Large tomato with "old time" flavor

Floradade Tomato

High yields of 5 to 7 oz. tomatoes

Golden Jubilee

Large, golden yellow heirloom tomato

Homestead Tomato

Heirloom that is extremely heat tolerant

Tomato, Beefmaster

Solid, meaty tomato, weighing up to 2 lb. each

Tomato, BeefSteak

Large, meaty tomatoes, average 10 to 16 ounces each

Tomato, Better Boy Hybrid

Plump, juicy red fruits weighing 16 oz.

Tomato, Brandywine

Heirloom variety. An Amish Heirloom. Large, rosy-pink fruits weigh 16 oz.

Tomato, Burpee Big Boy

Heirloom variety. Smooth, firm, red fruits up to 2 lb. each.

Tomato, Early Girl Hybrid

Globe shape, bright red, early fruits