Wildflower Mixtures are designed for the Northern U.S. area. They are blended so that the bloom times stagger throughout the growing season, so you are sure to get some color all summer long. All the wildflower mixtures will benefit from a fall mowing, to allow any seedheads to fall down to germinate and grow next year. 

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Wildflowers, Annual Mixture

Mixture of annual flower seeds for instant color. Some varieties may re-seed themselves for more than one year.

Wildflowers, Midwestern Mixture

A mixture of annual, perennial and biennial flowers adapted for the Midwest.

Wildflowers, Perennial Mixture

A mixture of all perennial wildflowers specially designed for the Midwest area.

Wildflowers, Shade Mixture

A mixture of annuals, perennials and biennials that can perform in full sun to partial shade.