Winter Squash

Winter squash are longer day squash with hard, often inedible, rinds. They also have firmer flesh than their Summer counterparts and store well through the winter months. Winter squash has more beta carotene after it has been stored for awhile than when they are fresh. 

Approximately 2,000 seeds per lb. 1/2 oz. is needed for a 100 foot row, 2 lb. per acre.

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Squash, Avalon Hybrid Butternut

Improved butternut squash. Thick, cylindrical neck with a small seed cavity.

Squash, Blue Hubbard

Heirloom variety. Elongated, globe shape with blue-gray exterior and orange flesh.

Squash, Burgess Buttercup

Turban shape. Dark green fruit with yellow flesh.

Squash, Delicata Bush

White rind with green streaks. Oblong shape. Taste resembles sweet potatoes. Bush plant