Yellow and White Sweet Corn

Bi-color Sweet Corn has become the most popular of the sweet corns sold. Is this because it mixes the best characteristics of each color corn to make a better corn? Or is it because people just can't make up their mind whether to buy white or yellow corn?

Approximately 1,600 seeds per lb. 1/2 lb. is needed for a 100 foot row, 10 lb. per acre.

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Yellow & White Sweet Corn, Ambrosia

Well filled ears. Excellent flavor.

Yellow & White Sweet Corn, Honey & Cream

Tightly packed kernels on 7" ears. Good seedling vigor.

Yellow & White Sweet Corn, Honey n' Pearl

Well filled ear is delicious fresh, frozen or canned.

Yellow & White Sweet Corn, Jackpot

Large, cylindrical ears, filled to the tip. High color contrast.